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Eskadron Climatex Liners - Review by Liana Amott


My pony runs hot in general and primarily only does Dressage however I can’t afford him to knock himself whilst training and learning where to place his legs so he is never ridden without leg protection on therefore it’s important to me to find the best version for him. 

• Boots are easy and quick and when I have no time I use them - the first photo shows his legs post ride when I’ve removed his boots, they are obviously sweaty and warm to touch. [PHOTO 1]

• Bandages used with a proper bandage pads (Eskadron climatex is my absolute favourite and the only liners I use) provide the same protection against knocks - the second photo shows his legs post ride when I’ve removed his bandages. You can see the sweat dripping down his leg which gives you an indication of how hard he worked, yet his legs are completely free of sweat and are cool to the touch. 


Obviously different forms of riding eg jumping needs a different form of protection but for my dressage horses but for summer and hard work sessions bandages with proper breathable bandage pads are my go to leg protection as the leg is actually cooler post ride! 

Hopefully this helps demonstrate to some how used correctly bandages are not just a fashion fad! 


Liana Amott - Barnes & Stable Sponsored Rider, 100 Point Combination HRCAV Dressage, Top 10 Dressage 2018 HRCAV 


Pictured: Kings Town Gideon in Eskadron Pony Climatex & Rose Bandages 


[PHOTO 1] After wearing Boots 


[PHOTO 2] After wearing Eskadron Climatex Liners & Bandages